Bad Toupee

Bad toupee or bad hair piece can put you in embarrassment. You are at right place If you do not have any information about hair replacements systems. All the articles on my blog make you well informed about hair pieces. Don’t Worry dude.

Before enter the topic, I should say to make you understand importance of bad toupee, be careful while choosing toupee. Do you want to wear a bad toupee, terrilbe looking ? I can hear you saying no.

Not to have a bad toupee or hair piece , you should take decision. What are these ?
1-) Perfect color match with your original hair.
2-) Perfect hair wave match with your original hair.
3-) Normal hair density, ( My advise, 100-110 %). It must not higher than 110% density.
4-) Natural bleanched Hair Line
5-) Swiss lace or French lace,

Not to have a bad toupee

1-) Perfect color match with your original hair : This is one of the most important criterias to have good toupee. If color of toupee does not exact macth your original hair, it look like bad toupee. It can be easy detected. So,everybody can know that your hair is not real, it is bad toupee .!! But good toupee, can not be detected.

2-) Perfect hair wave match with your original hair : This is important, too. When someone looks at your hair from the side, it can tell that your hair is a wig, if wave length of toupee does not match with your originals wave length. Top side of hair of a men can not be different from side of his hair. This is unnatural

3-) Normal hair density : You can also call it “medium density” . Normal density provide to natural looking. At the same time, you should prefer it with 100 % or 110 % density, if you want to wear toupee which has blenched knots. Because of that, bleanched hair is not seen very well when hair density of your toupee is high. But if it is medium density, blenached knots are seen very weel and your hair will be seen natural. So you have to care about this criteria to avoid to get bad toupee.

4-) Natural bleanched Hair Line : I can say that is lock of the naturalness.
Bleanched knots are the process that allows the hair follicles to be bleanch and feel like they are coming out of the skin.
Therefore it has an important role in naturalness.

Bleanched knots should made by professional person or manufacturer. esenyurt şişman escort Because bad bleanched knots gives you bad toupee. Like in the picture below.

bad toupee , bad hair piece

5-) Swiss lace or French lace :

One of the most important elements that make up the naturalness is the toupee type.
French Lace toupee or swiss lace toupee are a few of the natural toupee varieties. You can find all these in detail in this article.

Don’t Forget : All these criteria is whole. You can not fatih zayıf escort get a good toupee without one of them. Think it is like a puzzle. If you remove one of them, you can not see image very well. Try to keep all these criteria. Thank you for reading. I hope it is helpfull for you.

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