Swimming with Hair Replacement Systems?

  • Can I swim with Hair replacements systems / toupee

Swimming with hair systems or toupee is more smoothy than you think. Swimming with hair systems has never been easier.

You can swim in the sea / pool with hair replacement systems. It will be much more fun and charismatic to swim in the pool with hair replacement systems. When you understand the tongue of your hair replacement systems.

If you live in a summer region, if you swim in the sea and the pool very often, there are a few points to consider.

These issues both prolong the life of your hair replacement systems and prevent you from being in a position to be ridiculed

– Keep your maintenance time as short as possible (your tapes do not lose their holding power).
– If time has passed since your last maintenance period (over 10 days), analyze the condition of your hair while jumping into the water.
– If there is a loosening / flowing on the tapes or the adhesive you use, I recommend you to pay attention and do not jump violently.

There is another topic that I would like to mention. The retention of the bands changes from day to day. I will try to explain this with a graphic below.

swimming with hair systems, hair piece ,toupee

This chart is based on individuals who sweat normally, do not play sports, sarıyer şişman escort showering 2-3 times a week. (For blue tape, white tape, ultra hold tape)

Although the ability to hold on the first day of the care on the chart is good, it is not perfect. (Up to 7-8 days).

The reason for this is that the bands melt with time according to the body temperature. Thanks to this melting that lasts for 7-8 days (if you do not notice and do not feel bayrampaşa zayıf escort uncomfortable), the bands reach maximum adhesion between the hair replacements systems and the scalp. you will easily notice the next melting and become uncomfortable.)

Don’t get too caught up in the values in the chart. It’s a chart beykoz sarışın escort that I made with random numbers to understand the retention curve of the bands.

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