What is Hair piece, toupee and hair replacements systems ?

What is hair piece ? What is hair replacements systems and toupee ?

Let’s explain immediately what is a hair piece.
Hair piece is also known as toupee and hair replacements systems on internet, We call the unit created by sewing natural human hair or artificial hair on a polyurethane or lace substructure. Like the picture below.

what is hair piece ? what is toupee and hair replacement systems

What is base of hair piece / toupee ?

Base of hair piece is the base material where the hair of an artificial or real person is sewn. It is mainly made of 2 separate items. You can imagine answer of “What is hair piece ? “

The picture on the left is a lace base / substructure
Middle picture, sides poly- front lace base/ infrastructure
The picture on the right is a thin poly-based base/infrastructure.

1-) Polyurethane based infrastructure;
It finds many varieties ankara escort among itself. It has thick, thin and strong. I will talk about these types of hair piece already.

2-) Lace-Based Infrastructure;
The product is a very wide infrastructure material. There are many types such as French lace and Swiss lace. In general, The choice of those who want naturalness. What is the infrastructure? what are the types? I will write them as a single subject in denizli escort the future, since such questions are very curious subjects.

Hair piece and toupee are kind of “hair replacements systems

Hair piece and toupee is a hair replacement system. They are synonyms in colloquially.
Hair replacements systems consist of two main types.
– Tape used hair kurtköy escort replacement systems
– Tape-free hair replacement systems

Difference between the Tape used and tape-free(No tape) hair replacement systems

Tape-used hair replacement systems is a Hair systems that can be fixed to the head with skin-friendly medical adhesives.
– You can exercise.
– You can lift weights.
– You can dance
– You can play football and basketball.
– You can swim, you can take a shower.
– You can do bungee jumping.

Tape-free(No tape) hair replacement systems are attached like a hairpin with your own hair.It is not fixed on the head very well, can move and fall off easily from your head.

You may not be able to do all the activities I wrote above. Because it is not fixed on your head, you can get nervous and scared. Even if you’re not scared, you can see a video of the hair piece falling off your head on youtube.

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