Toupee Tape

Hello guys, the toupee tape is one of the most important materials for a user. It come in many different varieties. In public ; There are varieties called blue toupee tape, white toupee tape, ultra hold toupee tape, super tape toupee, red and yellow tape. For yourself, you have to try out the best wig headbands. Which kind of adaptation to your skin and satisfies you with conservatism That means it is the best toupee tape for you.

Blue Toupee Tape (Lace Front Toupee Tape)

I’ve been using and favorite for years; blue toupee tape type. Blue toupee tape; One of my favorite things is its ideal grip and not harming my skin. The duration of my skin resistance is 9-10 days in summer (no sports and no sweating) and 14 days + in winter.
After these limits, blue toupee tapes begin to flow and make residue. This is what I don’t like. It will be like soggy and does not give take pleasure. So, take care , clean, fresh adhevsive before starting to flow as much as possible. Otherwise, the melting and flowing adhesive material will cause a bad appearance, odor and adhere to the wire toupee. This will cause you to get tired while maintaining and the toupee wire will fall. Leaves residue on the head.
There are different brands. Like Walker Tape. Notice that there are imitations of the blue prosthetic headband. Whenever possible, shop from walker tape vendors.

White Toupee Tape

It’s a tape I have used many times. It has very similar conservatism to blue tape. It will run in less time and the runny mess is worse than the blue band. I can hardly see it now. Instead, there are other toupee tape called ultra hold and super tape.

UltraHold Toupee Tape

Kind of Toupee tape I have used many times… Although Ultra Hold toupee tape is very popular, I did not like it. Its retention is good at the back, but it is difficult to stick to the front, namely the temple area, and small lifts can be seen even if it sticks. It can varies from skin to skin, of course. I’m sure you ataşehir escort have some things to say that it keeps my front very well. The other thing I don’t like is that it makes my skin very itchy and uncomfortable. Ultra Hold toupee tape has a hard structure. It is not flexible like the blue lace front toupee tape. It feels like you have a mold in your head. It can istanbul escort be used longer compared to blue tape with good durability and one of the benefits is that it does not make it to flow liquid form like blue tape.

Super Tape -Toupee ;

I also used the SuperTape toupee tape a lot, but it is not much different from Ultra Hold. Almost same. The head beykoz escort is also a little soft. Easy to clean. You can remove the bands like peeling a potato peel. Provided you spend 20-30 minutes in alcohol, of course.

No-shine Toupee Tape

The factories where I exchange hair piece from abroad would send this toupee tape as a gift. It doesn’t have a hard structure like Ultra Hold. It has a softer texture. It can stretch in the head after 1 week. It can last around 10 days. The difference is that the lace infrastructures do not look shiny like normal tape. The tape surface does not glare. Its translucent appearance helps the natural look .

Red Toupee Tape

Red tape does not flow and make residue. It has low conservatism by itself. It is generally not used alone. It is used with liquid adhesives. I have used it twice with liquid adhesives… Not bad. Suitable for long term use. When used with a bone glue called Bond, even if you jump from 10 meters into the sea, you will see nothing will be happened. In general, it is the maintenance method used by hair piece saloon companies for their customers from afar. Even if they say it will last for 1 month, do not believe it, but a person who is calm and not very active can use 20 days. (except summer)

Yellow Toupee Tape

toupee tape
Yellow Toupee Tape

These yellow toupee tapes are not commonly used. It is generally used by barbers and hair piece saloon for demo demonstration due to its ability to stick and peel off immediately. It is a very thick band. I don’t think this will work for you. It can be useful for those who use it daily, like a wig, and those who take off in the morning and night. But I can’t say anything because I haven’t tried it. If so, you can try the usage style.

Liquid Adhesive

Liquid adhesives are adhesives that turn into a solid state after they are applied and provide adhesion between the toupee and your skin.

There are multiple brands and varieties. If you write “liquid toupee adhesive” or “liquid adhesive / glue hair systems” to Google, you will find many options.

WalkerTape – Ultra hold Liquid Adhesive :

As you can guess from its name, its features are very similar to UltraHold prosthetic hair band. It leaves little residue on the head during maintenance. It is difficult to adhere to tulle. It is not as safe as tape in my opinion.


I’m not sure if this was the name and brand, but hair saloon call them welding / bone glue. You have inferred from its name. It is applied to your existing hair and acts as a source between your hair and toupee. It sticks like the bone you know. You can’t get this out with alcohol or anything. Find a loose spot and lift it gently from there. On the one hand, lift the hair piece, on the other hand, cut your own hair with a shaver machine. Hard to apply and harder to tell you that how to applied it.

Ghost Bond :

After drying, it is named Ghost because it is transparent and does not shine. (Ghost) It is used to capture naturalness with lace units. I bought one of the smallest size. It forced me to use
First you apply a layer on your head, then you wait, it dries, then you apply the second layer, then 3, then the 4th, then you put the toupee on your head. It doesn’t hold like a tape. You feel insecure in terms of conservatism. But the naturalness you catch is quite successful.
Recommendation: You will have a very beautiful appearance with a 90% bleached French tulle or Swiss lace toupee.

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