Thin Skin Hair System

This article is about Thin Skin Hair System of NewTimesHair
Thin skin hair system is one of the kind of toupee for men. This system is preferred because of natural looking hairline. You can chose thin skin hair systems for wearing if you want to wear a toupee which is undetectable, comfortable and natural looking.

Thin skin hair system is made of polyurethane. Different thickness is avaible on the market. The thinnest one looks most natural. Because, thinner base of the hair system is hard to detect. That’s why, the other person can not understand that you are wearing a wig.

Base thickness of thin skin hair system is between 0,03 – 0,20 mm . Thickness descrease , durable descrease. That’s why, thinnest base is undurable.

In thin skin hair system , there are two way to place hair into base.

1-) V- loops : It is technique for place hair into base. V-loop is most wanted technique because of it offer best natural looking in front hair line. Knots of hair doesnt seen. Because the knots are under the base. So it can not be seen, detected.

2-) Injected Hair : This techique is done by %100 handmade. Each hair is placed into to thin skin base by one by. Produced Thin Skin hair systems with this technique are more breathable. Injected hair technique offers more durable using time than V-loop’s knot. It really present good natural looking. Even, someone can not detect it when you cut like in the picture.

thin skin hair system

Injected hair is more flat than V-looped. Changing direction of hair in injected hair is really harder than V-looped.

Thin Skin Hair System for men.

Thin Skin hair system is the choice of those who want naturalness as i said above. You can get view you want. If you are at middle age, you can have natural view like in the picture in below ;

ultra super thin skin system

The view in the picture is highest point attainable at naturalness. This man used super ultra thin skin hair systems. Hair was produced by NewsTimeHair.

You can follow steps in below if you want to get same natural looking ;

  • Customized order Ultra thin skin hair system
  • 0,03 mm thickness base.
  • V-looped
  • Right color desicion. (it must be same with your own hair color)
  • 70 % Hair Density.
  • Transparan base
  • Buy from NewsTimeHair

Thin Skin Hair System of NEWTIMESHAIR

Thin Skin Hair Systems Of NewTimesHair
You all reader of that blog knows that I am neutral about giving advice hair system’s company. Because, I dont want to give wrong information to anybody. But at this time, I want you to benefit. That ‘s why I truely advice NewsTimeHair without any profit.

I bought and wore their hair systems so many times. I was satisfied at all time. So you can trust me without doubting.

First of all I would like to introduce the brand to you.


I can assure you that NewTimesHair might be biggest established company to produce hair replacement systems like wigs, toupee for men, toupee for women ,wigs for men and women.

NewTimes Hair International Industries Co. LTD is one of the leading wholesalers of high-end human hair replacement products. They focus on manufacturing all their products to the highest quality and providing a professional service to their clients. That is perfect for we all customer.

So, If you have Hair replacements salons or center you can directly contact them, order hair replacements system as wholesale.

You don’t need to own a salon to order, you can order one piece. That is enough to make NewTimesHair one of the us. That is it !

In every time when I order, they always put an extra gift in the cargo box. And this gifts were a very useful gift at all time. This is a good way to win over us consumers. erenköy şişman escort I hope you never spoil your service NewTimesHair

Why I loved thin skin hair systems of NEWTIMESHAIR

Super Thin Skin Hair system of NewTimesHair is loved from all over the world, by not only me. So they sell their product to America and Europe which has big market.

  • True , trustable and göztepe zayıf escort honest seller
  • Excellent products ;
  • Great Workmanship
  • Perfect Support After Sale;
  • Little useful gift ;
  • Top quality toupee for men,
  • Durable Products
  • Well-functioning customer kozyatağı sarışın escort service
  • Fast Shipping
  • Smooth and shiny, soft hair,

These all criteria in above is my reason to love and chose Newstime Hair Factory. Try it in your next order.

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