Which Hair System is Best ?

Which hair system is best ? Direct answer of this question should be like that “according to whom, according to what“. The answer of this question is really hard. Because, meaning of the best depends on hair system users. For example, Best hair system for me is full lace wig. Because comfort is in the my first priority and my skin need to have air ventilation. Secondly, I care about that hair system that have natural front hairline. If it is ok, I would buy it.

So best hair system may change according to user priorities. For example, If your hair sytle hide your front side of hair, I mean hairline, you dont need natural view. Because, nobody can see your hair line through hair combed forward. If you care about comfort just like me, you would chose a hair piece which have around pu and middle breathable lace.

But if your first priority is durability, full PU hair system best for you. Because, PU material in the hair system are not easy to tear and non-corrosive. In that case PU hair system is best for you. As I can try to tell you, answer of “Which hair system is best” is belong to you. Answer it !

Which hair system is best for you. CASE -1

Let make it clear.

CASE -1 : Assume that I have hair replacements system saloon and you are my customer. We are talking like that ;

You : I am not okey with my appearance. I have been bald for years and this situtation annoying me. So that why I am here with you. Please, tell me which hair system is best for me.

Me : I am honored to please you. But I need to know that what kind of hair systems do you want ? What is your priorities ?

You : I want to be comfortable with it and relax. I dont want to feel it like hat, also it should be pretty match with my own hair. It must have natural looking.

Me : Yes of course, we can do it but before , you need to know that toupee you want have maximum 6 months durability. You should get new hair system After 5 or 6 months. That can be expensive

You : OK, I can deal with it.

Me : Best hair system for you should be like in the picture.

which hair system is best

Which hair systems is best CASE -2 :

Assume that I have hair replacements system saloon and you are my customer. We are talking like that ;

You : I am not okey with my appearance. I have been bald for years and this situtation annoying me. So that why I am here with you. Please, tell me which hair system is best for me.

Me : I am honored to please you. But I need to know that what kind of hair system do you want ? What is your priorities ?

You : My hair is generally short and I comb it straight. I am old to cool hair style. So, It can be breatable and easy to clean it.

Me : Okey, How long time do you think to use it ?

You : It should be stay with me at least 1 or 1,5 years. Because my budget is restriction and I have mortgage payment monthly. I want to pay so much for it.

Me : Okey this model is best for you. Around and front are PU, middle section is lace. Your skin can breath thanks to lace section on the middle. If you can clean it on time and be sensitive you have chance to use it for many years.

best hair system for me

As you can see in CASE-1 and CASE-2, answer of Which hair system is best is depend on your priority.

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Thin Skin Hair System

This article is about Thin Skin Hair System of NewTimesHair
Thin skin hair system is one of the kind of toupee for men. This system is preferred because of natural looking hairline. You can chose thin skin hair systems for wearing if you want to wear a toupee which is undetectable, comfortable and natural looking.

Thin skin hair system is made of polyurethane. Different thickness is avaible on the market. The thinnest one looks most natural. Because, thinner base of the hair system is hard to detect. That’s why, the other person can not understand that you are wearing a wig.

Base thickness of thin skin hair system is between 0,03 – 0,20 mm . Thickness descrease , durable descrease. That’s why, thinnest base is undurable.

In thin skin hair system , there are two way to place hair into base.

1-) V- loops : It is technique for place hair into base. V-loop is most wanted technique because of it offer best natural looking in front hair line. Knots of hair doesnt seen. Because the knots are under the base. So it can not be seen, detected.

2-) Injected Hair : This techique is done by %100 handmade. Each hair is placed into to thin skin base by one by. Produced Thin Skin hair systems with this technique are more breathable. Injected hair technique offers more durable using time than V-loop’s knot. It really present good natural looking. Even, someone can not detect it when you cut like in the picture.

thin skin hair system

Injected hair is more flat than V-looped. Changing direction of hair in injected hair is really harder than V-looped.

Thin Skin Hair System for men.

Thin Skin hair system is the choice of those who want naturalness as i said above. You can get view you want. If you are at middle age, you can have natural view like in the picture in below ;

ultra super thin skin system

The view in the picture is highest point attainable at naturalness. This man used super ultra thin skin hair systems. Hair was produced by NewsTimeHair.

You can follow steps in below if you want to get same natural looking ;

  • Customized order Ultra thin skin hair system
  • 0,03 mm thickness base.
  • V-looped
  • Right color desicion. (it must be same with your own hair color)
  • 70 % Hair Density.
  • Transparan base
  • Buy from NewsTimeHair

Thin Skin Hair System of NEWTIMESHAIR

Thin Skin Hair Systems Of NewTimesHair
You all reader of that blog knows that I am neutral about giving advice hair system’s company. Because, I dont want to give wrong information to anybody. But at this time, I want you to benefit. That ‘s why I truely advice NewsTimeHair without any profit.

I bought and wore their hair systems so many times. I was satisfied at all time. So you can trust me without doubting.

First of all I would like to introduce the brand to you.


I can assure you that NewTimesHair might be biggest established company to produce hair replacement systems like wigs, toupee for men, toupee for women ,wigs for men and women.

NewTimes Hair International Industries Co. LTD is one of the leading wholesalers of high-end human hair replacement products. They focus on manufacturing all their products to the highest quality and providing a professional service to their clients. That is perfect for we all customer.

So, If you have Hair replacements salons or center you can directly contact them, order hair replacements system as wholesale.

You don’t need to own a salon to order, you can order one piece. That is enough to make NewTimesHair one of the us. That is it !

In every time when I order, they always put an extra gift in the cargo box. And this gifts were a very useful gift at all time. This is a good way to win over us consumers. I hope you never spoil your service NewTimesHair

Why I loved thin skin hair systems of NEWTIMESHAIR

Super Thin Skin Hair system of NewTimesHair is loved from all over the world, by not only me. So they sell their product to America and Europe which has big market.

  • True , trustable and honest seller
  • Excellent products ;
  • Great Workmanship
  • Perfect Support After Sale;
  • Little useful gift ;
  • Top quality toupee for men,
  • Durable Products
  • Well-functioning customer service
  • Fast Shipping
  • Smooth and shiny, soft hair,

These all criteria in above is my reason to love and chose Newstime Hair Factory. Try it in your next order.

Swimming with Hair Replacement Systems?

  • Can I swim with Hair replacements systems / toupee

Swimming with hair systems or toupee is more smoothy than you think. Swimming with hair systems has never been easier.

You can swim in the sea / pool with hair replacement systems. It will be much more fun and charismatic to swim in the pool with hair replacement systems. When you understand the tongue of your hair replacement systems.

If you live in a summer region, if you swim in the sea and the pool very often, there are a few points to consider.

These issues both prolong the life of your hair replacement systems and prevent you from being in a position to be ridiculed

– Keep your maintenance time as short as possible (your tapes do not lose their holding power).
– If time has passed since your last maintenance period (over 10 days), analyze the condition of your hair while jumping into the water.
– If there is a loosening / flowing on the tapes or the adhesive you use, I recommend you to pay attention and do not jump violently.

There is another topic that I would like to mention. The retention of the bands changes from day to day. I will try to explain this with a graphic below.

swimming with hair systems, hair piece ,toupee

This chart is based on individuals who sweat normally, do not play sports, showering 2-3 times a week. (For blue tape, white tape, ultra hold tape)

Although the ability to hold on the first day of the care on the chart is good, it is not perfect. (Up to 7-8 days).

The reason for this is that the bands melt with time according to the body temperature. Thanks to this melting that lasts for 7-8 days (if you do not notice and do not feel uncomfortable), the bands reach maximum adhesion between the hair replacements systems and the scalp. you will easily notice the next melting and become uncomfortable.)

Don’t get too caught up in the values in the chart. It’s a chart that I made with random numbers to understand the retention curve of the bands.

Does hair replacements systems restrict my daily activity?

Does hair replacements systems restrict my daily activity ?
I can say with all my honesty, NO as has been wearing for 7 years.
Hair replacements systems hair does not prevent you from any activity. You can go to the swim with hair replacements systems hair, sweat in the sauna, you can fight the pillow with the girls, or you can go to a crushing carpet field match.
Hair replacements systems does not impose any restrictions on your life. Of course you have responsibilities against your prosthetic hair.

What are these responsibilities?

1-) You will not be lazy!

How to be lazy? If you are a person who even washes his face hard every morning, if you take a shower every 3-4 days, if you leave the house without combing your hair, hard times are waiting for you in the future.

2-) When you are sociable, you will be resourceful and confident!
hair replacements system is not something you can approach with the logic of use once on the head, then use it for a lifetime. The hair replacements systems headbands you use are in a solid form, as you can see in the picture. and it varies according to the season (between 7 and 12 days) the bands begin to melt.When you see it, it turns into a liquid form. It also makes you inextricable. In this case, you need to have your hair replacements systems done / treated immediately.

For example, don’t say that there is no caring place in your city and do not be negatively!
The first step of the self-confidence article is “I can take care of myself!” You have to say and throw it away.

You took the first step of entrepreneurship and found me. I will teach you how to take care of your home in the future.

You have to be skilled. When it comes to work, you have to be able to learn how to clean your hair replacements systems, how to attach the tapes and how to wear your hair replacements systems hair properly (not crooked).

I want to give you an example;

Suppose you are a new prosthetic hair user. Have a busy job. There is a barely 10 days leave. You have planned with your university friends, you have decided to spend your holiday in a chalet or a lake / sea for 10 days.
You went happily. Your hair was itchy right in the middle of the holiday. When you threw your hand, you saw that your hand was sticky.
What will you do?
You will say to your friends, “Do I have to go to the city center? NO.
There is no need to spoil your holiday and enjoyment.You will go to your bathroom, remove your care materials from your prepared bag, and continue your maintenance.

That’s it for me. Hope to meet you in the next post…

What is Hair piece, toupee and hair replacements systems ?

What is hair piece ? What is hair replacements systems and toupee ?

Let’s explain immediately what is a hair piece.
Hair piece is also known as toupee and hair replacements systems on internet, We call the unit created by sewing natural human hair or artificial hair on a polyurethane or lace substructure. Like the picture below.

what is hair piece ? what is toupee and hair replacement systems

What is base of hair piece / toupee ?

Base of hair piece is the base material where the hair of an artificial or real person is sewn. It is mainly made of 2 separate items. You can imagine answer of “What is hair piece ? “

The picture on the left is a lace base / substructure
Middle picture, sides poly- front lace base/ infrastructure
The picture on the right is a thin poly-based base/infrastructure.

1-) Polyurethane based infrastructure;
It finds many varieties ankara escort among itself. It has thick, thin and strong. I will talk about these types of hair piece already.

2-) Lace-Based Infrastructure;
The product is a very wide infrastructure material. There are many types such as French lace and Swiss lace. In general, The choice of those who want naturalness. What is the infrastructure? what are the types? I will write them as a single subject in denizli escort the future, since such questions are very curious subjects.

Hair piece and toupee are kind of “hair replacements systems

Hair piece and toupee is a hair replacement system. They are synonyms in colloquially.
Hair replacements systems consist of two main types.
– Tape used hair kurtköy escort replacement systems
– Tape-free hair replacement systems

Difference between the Tape used and tape-free(No tape) hair replacement systems

Tape-used hair replacement systems is a Hair systems that can be fixed to the head with skin-friendly medical adhesives.
– You can exercise.
– You can lift weights.
– You can dance
– You can play football and basketball.
– You can swim, you can take a shower.
– You can do bungee jumping.

Tape-free(No tape) hair replacement systems are attached like a hairpin with your own hair.It is not fixed on the head very well, can move and fall off easily from your head.

You may not be able to do all the activities I wrote above. Because it is not fixed on your head, you can get nervous and scared. Even if you’re not scared, you can see a video of the hair piece falling off your head on youtube.

I hope you like my articles and ideas. Please keep reading me


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